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Boom Boom Kid – Smile

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The second full-length release, from Argentina legends BOOM BOOM KID, Smiles From Chappanoland, is 21 songs loaded with melodic, emotionally charged riffs and soul-stirring vocals. Formed in 2000 and featuring the same members as the internationally-beloved FUN PEOPLE, this constantly touring band has spent the last five years building up it’s own dedicated following across the globe with multiple European tours and a split CD with Australian punk legends, THE HARD-ONS. With a sound akin to the FUN PEOPLE CD The Art(e) Of Romance, BOOM BOOM KID¹s Smiles From Chappanoland is 45 minutes of pure energy and beautiful melodies that easily bridge the gap between pop and punk rock with no concern for the played-out guidelines of any genre! Forty-five minutes of musically inspiring and emotionally rousing South American punk! Originally release in LP format by UGLY RECORDS and CD format by SOUND POLLUTION RECORDS


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