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Adrianne Munden-Dixon / Leo Chang – Some Time

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Adrianne Munden-Dixon and Leo Chang’s “Some Time” presents stuttering physical exchanges between Munden-Dixon’s violin and electronics and Chang’s amplified piri. These pieces are tense and tightly-woven, yet constantly unraveling and reforming. Chang’s “ampiri” is a Korean double reed instrument running through electronics and played in unconventional and non-traditional ways. Recontextualising the instrument “quasi-autodidactically” aligns with Chang’s approach to free improvisation and his artistic practice, as it forms a dynamic relationship with more established tradition and lineage. Munden-Dixon has seasoned experience in the new music, contemporary ensemble, and orchestral worlds, with more recent forays into free improvisation using her violin in conjunction with electronics. Our first exposure to Munden-Dixon’s work was oddly via a genuinely bizarre Youtube video of an improvisation involving prerecorded and manipulated Irish music, metallic objects, sinuous violin playing, recorded sounds of gulping water, and coffee mug rattling. Munden-Dixon’s and Chang’s unrelenting diversity and adherence to honest and unpretentious playing is evident throughout “Some Time”.

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