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  • Biohazard – 1988 Demo
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    Fan Club Edition Side A: Recorded 4-3,7-88 at Sty In The Sky Side B: Recorded 7-14,15-88 at CMA Studios

  • Dio – Double Dose Of Donington (RSD)
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    12″ picture disc celebrating two legendary appearances at the Donington Festival!. Featuring “Stand Up And Shout” from ’83 the classic “Rock And Roll Children” [...]

  • Melvins – Bullhead
    $19.00 | , Add To Cart

    Available again with updated artwork and a new gatefold sleeve! Melvins’ follow-up to 1989’s Ozma was 1991’s groundbreaking Bullhead. The songs are longer, the mood is calmer, yet more [...]

  • Predatory Light – Death And The Twilight Hours
    $21.00 | , Add To Cart

    Hail horrors! After six years in deathlike repose, Predatory Light returns. From beneath churchyard stones, the bare, ruined choir sets forth to drape the world in its nocturnal lightings. Once [...]

  • Bog Body – Cryonic Crevasse Cult
    $22.00 | , Add To Cart

    Bog Body’s looming form has thawed from the dregs of sordid earth to reveal their debut full length album Cryonic Crevasse Cult on Profound Lore Records. Following in the footsteps […]

  • Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven
    $27.00 | , Add To Cart

    Wolves In The Throne Room re-imagined black metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest. Their first studio album, Diadem Of […]

  • Pallbearer – Heartless
    $24.00 | , Add To Cart

    The third full-length by Pallbearer is their most crucial, massive, and powerful yet. With this natural progression from its predecessor, Foundations Of Burden, one of the most acclaimed metal [...]

  • Om – Conference Of Birds
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    ***NEW CLEAR WITH PURPLE VINYL EDITION – Comprised of two songs that build on Om’s (Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius, rhythm section of legendary sludge and stoner rock pioneers, Sleep) […]

  • Motorhead – Another Perfect Day
    $22.00 | , Add To Cart

    “Fan Club Edition”

  • Danzig – Danzig II Lucifuge (Colored Vinyl)
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    “Fan Club Edition”

  • Bolt-Thrower – Peel Sessions 1988-1990
    $21.00 | , Add To Cart

    “Fan Club Edition” Peel Sessions 1988-1990

  • Destruction – Sentence Of Death
    $80.00 | , Add To Cart

    Metal Blade Records – MBR 1039 1985 US Pressing Media Condition – VG+, Has minor wear on both sides Sleeve Condition – VG+, great shape

  • Elf – S/T
    $65.00 | , Add To Cart

    EPIC – KE 31789 1973 Repress Media Condition – VG+, few marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – VG+, very faint ring wear  

  • Nirvana – Nirvana 2002 – Recordings 89-91
    $20.00 | , Add To Cart

    Before there was a Swedish Death Metal scene – let alone a signature sound – N2K2 was helping to create both. Nirvana 2002 Recordings ’89-’91 is a collection of rare […]

  • Venom – Welcome To Hell (1981 Italian Pressing)
    $50.00 | , Add To Cart

    Neat Records – NEAT 1002 1981 Italian Pressing Media Condition – VG+, few small marks on both sides Sleeve Condition – VG, has some ring wear, small tears on both […]

  • Iron Maiden – Killers
    $45.00 | , Add To Cart

    EMI – ST-12141 Media Condition – VG+, extremely clean copy Sleeve Condition – VG+, minor creases on bottom left corner

  • Samhain – November Coming Fire (Colored Vinyl)
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    November-Coming-Fire was Samhain’s last album before Danzig signed the group to Def American Recordings and changed the band name to Danzig. The album contains a re-recorded version of [...]

  • Samhain – Initium
    $24.00 | , Add To Cart

    Initium is the 1984 debut album by American band Samhain, released on lead singer Glenn Danzig’s independent record label Plan 9

  • Samhain – Final Descent
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Final Descent was first released in 1990, more than three years after lead singer Glenn Danzig and bassist Eerie Von had recruited guitarist John Christ and drummer Chuck Biscuits to […]

  • Motorhead – Ace Of Spades
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Ace Of Spades’ – the title track of Motörhead’s 1980 iconic, game changing album isn’t just one of the greatest hard rock songs ever written – it has truly become [...]

  • Melvins – Ozma
    $18.00 | , Add To Cart

    BACK IN STOCK ON LP!!! Ozma was recorded soon after Melvins made the move from Washington to San Francisco, and was their first release to include the diminutive yet mighty […]

  • Deafheaven – 10 Years Gone (black vinyl)
    $28.00 | , Add To Cart

    “Earlier this year we intended on celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Deafheaven demo released through Bandcamp on June 1, 2010 with a tour of North America with our friends […]

  • Metallica – Kill Em All
    $27.00 | , Add To Cart

    Digitally remastered edition of Metallica’s 1983 debut album. Kill ‘Em All is regarded as a groundbreaking album for thrash metal because of its precise musicianship, which fuses New [...]

  • Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys
    $34.00 | , Add To Cart

    Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I is the second studio album by German power metal band Helloween, released in 1987. It marks the first appearance of vocalist Michael Kiske, […]

  • Earth – Phase 3
    $26.00 | , Add To Cart

    Phase 3: Thrones and Dominions is the second full-length studio album by the drone band Earth.

  • Black Death Cult – Diaspora
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    Enigmatic Canadian prog-death metal unit Black Death Cult have completed work on their new album. Entitled Diaspora, the band traverse even further into the hidden crevices of the “Archaeaeon” [...]

  • Desolate Shrine – Fire Of The Dying World
    $13.00 | Add To Cart

    At long last the successor to 2017’s Deliverance From The Godless Void has been unconfined from the clandestine vaults of Dark Descent Records. Aptly titled Fires Of The Dying World, […]

  • BUÑUEL – Killers Like Us
    $21.00 | , Add To Cart

    Bunuel is the sound of a difficult situation made worse by an unwillingness and an inability to play nice. If slotting it in a genre makes it easier for one […]

  • Boris – NO
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Formed in 1992, Boris boldly explores their own vision of heavy music, where words like “explosive” and “thunderous” barely do justice. Using overpowering soundscapes [...]

  • Sleep – The Clarity
    $12.00 | , Add To Cart

    A 4/20 surprise release from stoner rock progenitors Sleep. This 12” single reissue of 2014’s The Clarity is 9 minutes and 51 seconds of thick, slo-mo time travel. The b-side […]

  • Boris – LφVE & EVφL
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Formed in 1992, Boris boldly explores their own vision of heavy music, where words like “explosive” and “thunderous” barely do justice. Using overpowering soundscapes [...]

  • Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Oz
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    2011 marked the 30th anniversary of BLIZZARD OF OZZ (U.S. release) and DIARY OF a MADMAN. Both landmark albums took metal in a new direction in the early 1980s, inspiring […]

  • Motorhead – Rock ‘N’ Roll
    $14.00 | , Add To Cart

    Rock ‘n’ Roll is the eighth studio album by English rock band Motörhead, released on 5 September 1987. It is their last album with the GWR label, as more legal […]

  • Destruction – Release From Agony
    $14.00 | , Add To Cart

    Release from Agony is the third studio album by German thrash metal band Destruction, released in 1987 by Steamhammer/SPV in mainly Europe, and in 1988 by Profile/Rock Hotel Records in […]

  • Riot – Rock City (Canadian Pressing)
    $35.00 | , , Add To Cart

    Attic – LAT 1041 1977 Canadian Pressing Media Condition – Strong VG+ with only a few stray light marks Sleeve Condition – VG+ with light shelfwear

  • Worm – Foreverglade
    $21.00 | , Add To Cart

    Burrowing through the mire of the endless Floridian swamps like an arcane travesty of nature, the shadow-bound entity more commonly known only as Worm present Foreverglade, a strange amalgam of [...]

  • Apparition – Feel
    $21.00 | , Add To Cart

    California death metal band Apparition follow their Granular Transformation 7-inch with their tectonic shifting debut album Feel. This is towering, progressive doomy-death metal with hammering [...]

  • Earth ‎– Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons
    $17.00 | , Add To Cart

    Pentastar: In the Style of Demons is the third full-length studio album by the drone doom band Earth, released in 1996. It has a more rock-oriented sound than their earlier […]

  • Danzig – Danzig 5: Blackacidevil
    $30.00 | , Add To Cart

    Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Deluxe reissue of one of the most groundbreaking and experimental albums from rock and metal legend, Danzig. Originally released in 1996, this album is widely […]

  • Melvins ‎– Stag
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    The final album in the Melvins major label span, Stag finds the band fully spreading their wings (and budget) to create what is arguably their most wide-ranging and diverse album […]

  • Boris – Live At Third Man
    $18.00 | , Add To Cart

    There’s no better way to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of your best record than playing it in full, twenty-nine nights in a row. Hailing from Tokyo, beloved psych-doom shredders, Boris, […]

  • Boris – W (Sea Blue Vinyl)
    $22.00 | , Add To Cart

    In an effort to sublimate the negative energy surrounding everyone in 2020, legendary Japanese heavy rock band Boris focused all of their energy creatively and turned out the most extreme album [...]

  • Bunkur Vs. Mordor ‎–S/T
    $14.00 | , Add To Cart

    After several years in the making, it is Nuclear War Now’s honor to finally present this split album from Bunkur and Mordor, two of the most extreme and unorthodox bands […]

  • Mayhem – Live in Zeitz
    $27.00 | , Add To Cart


  • Xibalba – Ah Dzam Poop Ek (Gold Vinyl)
    $27.00 | , Add To Cart

    The highly praised early 90′s Mexican black metal album will be available again on vinyl format with proper packaging. Included are all album tracks with the original mix and four […]

  • Phobia – Slaughterhouse Tapes
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    The emergence of the Norwegian Black Metal movement is often regarded as a sudden paradigmatic shift in sound and aesthetics. But it didn’t take place in a vacuum; many of […]

  • Beherit – The Oath of Black Blood (Picture Disc)
    $29.00 | , Add To Cart

    Over the last 20 years, NWN! has released or reissued some of the most important works in the style commonly referred to as bestial black death. But until now, the […]

  • Mayhem – Live in Jessheim
    $27.00 | , Add To Cart

    Concluding Peaceville’s series of the legendary line-up’s four recorded shows comes Live in Jessheim. Featuring the line-up of Euronymous, Dead, Hellhammer and Necrobutcher, this is one of [...]