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Yo La Tengo – And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out

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Triumphant tenth album explores wintry landscapes of love, relationships and life.

While their colossal sonic achievements are well-documented, Yo La Tengo’s 2000 classic album is more In A Silent Way than  Interstellar Space: a quietly intense melange of pulsing beats, acoustic guitar strum, ringing vibraphone and organ washes.  Add electric guitar buzzing underneath dreamy, nearly whispered vocals, and ATNTIIO is more mood swing than song cycle.


On their ninth studio album, Yo La Tengo have stripped away layers of electric guitar chaos from their sound.  Is it so we can hear their voices? So they can hear each other? Whatever the reason, Georgia and Ira’s most audible and distinctive vocal performances are genuinely intimate and affecting.


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