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The Wire – #460 June 2022

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“On the cover: Phew. The Japanese punk survivor and intrepid vocalist/composer continues to build an impressive catalogue of collaborations, solo projects and band work in a career now spanning over 40 years. Japanese punk primer: A round-up of notable outliers of Japanese punk and post-punk; The Primer: Pauline Oliveros. A Deep Listening dive into the recordings (and cisterns) of the composer and accordionist who pioneered radical new ways of listening and living; Ione: The writer, playwright and director, and creative/life partner of Pauline Oliveros, continues their work to connect communities and listeners; Invisible Jukebox: Ava Mendoza. Will The Wire’s mystery record selection shred the nerves of the virtuoso guitarist?; The Dream Syndicate: Since their 2012 reunion, the US psych trailblazers have let their freak flag fly across a run of trippy releases including new album Ultraviolet Battle Hymns & True Confessions; Unlimited Editions: Radio Art Zone; Unofficial Channels: Riddimguide; Black Glass Ensemble: Environmentalist chamber group follow the data; Deborah Walker & Silvia Tarozzi: Finest worksongs for the Italian cello and viola duo; Julmud: The Palestinian producer and rapper collages industrial sounds from across the Middle East; Floris Vanhoof: Transforming sound and vision is fair game for the Belgian artist and instrument builder; Global Ear: Moscow. The invasion of Ukraine has pushed the Russian counterculture into retreat; The Inner Sleeve: billy woods on Bigg Jus’s Black Mamba Serums v2.0; Epiphanies: Gary Lucas is enchanted by Third Ear Band’s trancelike medievalism.”