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Sculpture Club – Worth CS

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What our staff has to say: “FFO, The Cure, The Cranberries, Sundays, great soft rock/post punk.” – Kobe

Existing in a place not normally associated with the darker currents of culture, the pristine valley backdrop of Salt Lake City is home to the moody and vibrant new romantic sounds of Sculpture Club. Featuring Chaz Costello (guitar and vocals), Madison Donnelly (drums), Halee Jean (bass) & Bret Meisenbach (guitar) Sculpture Club’s sound features the catchiest candy songs wrapped around a dark and tormented center, generating unprovoked optimism side by side with devastating disenchantment.

Years of honing their jagged punk have paid off – the new album sounds like Echo & The Bunnymen meets The Cure, both incredible bands whose excellent sonic palette was matched with inventive, exceptional songwriting. Acoustic guitars, violins, chorus soaked basslines, and blown out leads all fit together across the 11 songs that comprise Worth, expected via Funeral Party Records this spring. It’s a masterful evolution, and speaks to the power of community, and Sculpture Club’s rightful place as one of America’s most exciting bands.