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Ramones – Animal Boy

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One of the most tumultuous projects of the Ramones’ tenure, 1986’s ‘Animal Boy’, would see the punk icons at an all-time low in terms of communication and camaraderie. Following on from the well received, ‘Too Tough To Die’, the internal strife would mark the least amount of input or performance from vocalist Joey Ramone and guitarist Johnny, to that point. Instead, bassist Dee Dee and drummer Richie took it upon themselves to make the best of a bad situation, leading to a sporadic collection that initially was noted for its lack of direction, or cohesion, but can now be appreciated fondly for its new wave experimentations and synth-laden cuts. With lyrical topics dissecting their own issues with one another, as well as the political point of contention between members on the standout, ‘My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)’, taking central aim at one Ronald Reagan, this often misunderstood ninth entry into the Ramones canon is more than deserving of reassessment.


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