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Patty Waters – College Tour

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Nearly 50 years old, ‘College Tour’ is one of two seminal LPs recorded by avant-garde/jazz vocalist Patty Waters for ESP Disk in 1966. Where the other LP, ‘Sings’ was a studio effort, ‘College Tour’ was recorded on location across five dates at NYC college music departments playing alongside Sun Ra Arkestra, Burton Green, Giuseppi Logan and Ran Blake. It would be runner-up in Jazz and Pop Magazine’s 1970 award for Vocal Recording and its influence would extend beyond jazz into the vocal innovations and extended technique of Yoko Ono and Diamanda Galas, thereby establishing Patty as one of the first major avant-garde vocalists. With effortless skill and intuition, she exhibits a capacity to leap from silky, torch-lit croon to eviscerating caterwaul in the blink of an ear, matched by a generously talented role call of personnel who know how to deal with such a force of nature, one somewhat perfectly framed and reflected in the cover image’s Mona Lisa-like ambiguity.


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