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Melt Banana – Charlie

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Another all-out spazztak of scream-and-careen mathified skree core from Tokyo’s most tightly wound springs. Fourteen tracks of mind altering, brain boggling, and spine crushing shrapnel punk with vocals that hit your head like high-pitched knives and music that bores through your flesh like some kind of new super drill. Sure they look nice enough, but don’t get your ears too close, these yaros bite. Like getting stabbed in the face and bragging about the conquest later. Embarking right this second on a trans-continental tour that will bring them perilously close to each and every one of you. Our advice, go see them you obviously haven’t been using those ears for any good purpose anyhow. Guest appearances from MR. BUNGLE, the THREE DOCTORS BAND, THE WINTERMITTENS, and members of DIESELHED. Posters and promotional match books are yours for the asking, go ahead, ask…


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