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Infinite Directions – (creative process card deck)

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Infinite Directions is a deck of cards designed to stimulate your creative process. They become opportunities to reroute intuitive creativity, jumping-off points for ideas, or simply help you get unstuck.

All you do: draw a circle, triangle, and a square card; together they form a sentence to respond to.

There are endless ways to modify these cards for differing results. The color on each card corresponds with different types of adjectives. Each shape group (circle, triangle, square) also has a glyph “family” that represents different types of prompts. You can remove or play with them exclusively to tailor the deck further (try playing with only certain colors or remove colors from the deck to tweak the prompts that are generated). Use your imagination and create your own variations: draw a single card, leave a shape out, draw multiples of a single shape–there is truly no wrong way to use these cards. The creative process is the destination.


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