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Death Bells – Echoes 7″

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With their latest single, Death Bells have crafted a perfect example of their sonic dichotomy: “Echoes,” with its stadium-ready guitars and Canning’s most infectious melodies to date; and the pulsating “Move Through Me,” a bass-driven post-punk stomp. Canning’s self-described “love songs gone wrong” search for silver linings in life’s upheavals—an unusually positive approach to melancholy music that Canning chalks up to living in Australia as well as an unusual camaraderie within the band. “It’s such a beautiful place, it’s hard to make music that doesn’t have an element of lightheartedness,” he explains. “The darker elements of the music and lyrics are present, but that’s just one facet of our lives. We’re generally happy people.” Thankfully for the band and listeners alike, with their move to America, an impending sophomore full length, and a nearly unending tour schedule, Death Bells show no signs of slowing their fearless musical pursuit.


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