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Auntie Pus – Halfway to Venezuela b/w Marmalade Freak (Pink Vinyl)

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What our staff has to say: “Leave it for General Speech to show you something you’ve never heard of. This time it’s Auntie Pus. Early UK punk, friends and contemporaries of the Damned but feels like it should have been on Rough Trade or playing next to Cleaners From Venus.” – Dan

Julian Isaacs aka Auntie Pus, made a bet with his childhood friend Chris Millar (Rat Scabies of The Damned) that one of them would have a top ten record within 3 years. He of course lost that bet in less than a year as The Damned took the world by storm. Isaacs carried on with his own brand of punk and Syd Barrett inspired songs, playing with the best of the first wave of UK punk bands, and becoming frequent tour partners of bands like The Damned and The Ruts. In 1978 he finally recorded a single, featuring Rat Scabies on drums, which was eventually released with some help from the Ruts management, and did make it, not just into the weekly top 10 in Sounds, but “Single of the Week”, and in a top 10 in Record Mirror when the Damned were pulling the reigns that week. Since then, the single has become a staple of conversations covering under the radar 70s UK DIY punk and “messthetics” type singles. This 7″ is a deluxe edition with an unreleased track, artwork faithful to the original, with an accompanying insert that includes an in depth interview which should be fascinating to any fan of 70s UK punk, or fans of the Damned, photos, and more. Available on Black, Pink, and Green vinyl.

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