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David Toop – Ocean Of Sound: Ambient Sound & Radical Listening In The Age Of Communication

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What our staff has to say: “Great book that does a great job of breaking down the various was of listening and hearing sounds and how in turn those sounds impact the music we enjoy. Ocean of sound travels at the speed of light through many musical artists and movements/ genres, guaranteeing that whomever reads it has something new to learn.” – Jack

David Toop’s extraordinary work of sonic history travels from the rainforests of Amazonas to the megalopolis of Tokyo via the work of artists as diverse as Brian Eno, Sun Ra, Erik Satie, Kate Bush, Kraftwerk and Brian Wilson.

Beginning in 1889 at the Paris exposition when Debussy first heard Javanese music performed, Ocean of Sound channels the competing instincts of 20th century music into an exhilarating, path-breaking account of ambient sound.


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