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Bridget St. John – Songs For The Gentle Man

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What our staff has to say: “Some of the sweetest recordings of the British folk crew. I love Bridget St. John’s voice, which is lower and huskier than the vocals of her contemporaries like Anne Briggs and Vashti Bunyan. The instrumentation on this record is delightful too, from simple arrangements to Baroque pop ensembles. Super accessible and very artful!”

“Originally released in 1971 on Dandelion Records this was Bridget St. John’s second and, arguably, best album. Produced and scored by Pink Floyd collaborator Ron Geesin, Songs For The Gentle Man was recorded at Sound Techniques in Chelsea (where everybody from Fairport Convention to Nick Drake had made albums) and is a far more sophisticated work than its predecessor. Organized around a small chamber orchestra, Songs For The Gentle Man is a set of cool, pastel songs that simultaneously haunts and soothes: a well-crafted piece of baroque psychedelic folk.”(Forced Exposure)


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