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Ananya Ganesh – Precis​-​Loving

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Ananya Ganesh (b. 1997) is an improviser from Madras based in North America. Their idiosyncratically simultaneous improvisation of the voice and piano lies between the unrealizable and what could be(coming). Playing with and at the limits of the ear and of embodiment, their work unfurls as expressions of indeterminacy, spontaneity, and the joys of dissonance and (in)access. Live performances, improvised from and with disregard for “maps” created for each venue, consist of modular short-form vignettes and long-form works. Ganesh sculpts these open forms through the explorations of dynamics, texture, density, registral color, imbricated lines, and sparseness.

precis-loving (2022) is a compact archive and an intimate farewell. The music was improvised on two different pianos in Brooklyn across two years and recorded on a phone, with no intention of ever being released. It was threaded together when the “Space for the Wrong” Rzewski interview fell back into their lap during Ganesh’s last month in America in 2022. It is a more honest portrait of the art than if they’d sat down at a studio, traffic noises and all. The 2022 debut release, left behind as a record of stolen time and as a final “American” act, resurfaces now in the form of cassette tapes. Ironically, Ganesh is back and based in Western Massachusetts this time. It seems they are difficult to dep0rt.



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