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Torn Light Records
Chicago, IL 60647

Alan Licht and John Krausbauer – Self Titled 7″

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What our staff has to say: “Insane amplified violin shredding on top of electric guitar on A side – I’ve never heard a violin sounding like that, blending completely with the guitar. The B-side is totally different, more eerie and dissonant. Both sides are droning, but in different ways. An incredibly worthwhile ten minutes of free freakout.” – Hannah

Alan Licht (electric guitar) and John Krausbauer (amplified violin/oscillators) have created two compositions on their new 7” that seemingly reside on opposite ends of the experimental/free-noise spectrum.

Superstizione (Italian for “superstition”) is a maximalist free-noise blast, seemingly chaotic, but with an intentional forward movement and flow. Licht’s guitar playing starts off with a low end, thick fuzz, but quickly moves to an over-blown, frenetic pattern, all while Krausbauer’s amplified violin proves the instrument can fit, and compete comfortably, in the mix of wild amp’d riffage. You can try to discern the notes, examine the interplay, or you can just let yourself be enveloped by the combined waterfall of tones and power.

On the other side of the coin (and record), Lateral Tracer utilizes guitar (Licht) and oscillators (Krausbauer) to create drones and moiré-like patterns with interweaving signals, which elicits difference tones and interference beats, mesmerizing the listener with a soothing heartbeat. Similar to the use of the contrasting red and blue in the cover artwork, creating a chromostereopsis effect, the two sources of sound trade places back and forth, per the listener’s focus, one sound (or color) retreating, while the other advances, and vice-versa.