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  • Altar Of Flies – Återblick
    Altar Of Flies – Återblick
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    What our staff has to say: “Incredible 3 LP of Mattias Gustafsson’s 2020-2021 sessions. Some of my favorite experimental music of recent years, a triple LP is so fitting. Compiling [...]

  • The New Boyfriends – The Fourth Season
    The New Boyfriends – The Fourth Season
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    The fourth installment from this brilliant Finnish duo consisting of APRAPAT and MOGAO, two relative newcomers who have climbed to the top of the pig-pile over the past 2 years. […]

  • K.M Toepfer – Retrace No Steps
    K.M Toepfer – Retrace No Steps
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    Cold, surgical harsh noise achieving militant purity through unorthodox means. Minimalistic brain drilling, carving, and rolling textures. Latent tones that attack the body’s nodes and trigger [...]

  • Testicle Hazard – Fifty-Sixty
    Testicle Hazard – Fifty-Sixty
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    The long-lost psychedelic album from the Incapacitants of the North! On Friday the 13th, 2009, Lasse Marhaug and Tommi Keränen had an extremely productive day at a real-deal high-end studio […]

  • Jason Crumer – Ruth
    Jason Crumer – Ruth
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    Ruth is Jason Crumer’s previously inaccessible harsh noise masterpiece. Recorded specifically for CD (and mastered apocalyptically loud) in 2004-05, Ruth was planned for release on numerous [...]

  • Lacerations
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    Six international artists showcased across two compact discs of shredding sound, clattering depths, power electronics violence, and deafening discordance. Though a diverse compilation, [...]

  • Aaron Dilloway & Jeph Jerman – Casual Collisions
    Aaron Dilloway & Jeph Jerman – Casual Collisions
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    Casual Collisions is a collaborative album by two of the most prominent voices in experimental sound, Aaron Dilloway and Jerph Jerman. Recorded in 2013 and originally self-released on CDR by […]