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Torn Light Records
1855 N Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60647
Open Everyday

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Showing all 3 results

  • Desperate Nights 7″ (H2L)
    Desperate Nights 7″ (H2L)
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    H2L007 – Desperate Nights High Tolerance B/w Unclean Machine 7” Lathe Cut/mastered at Str Mastering Center Label Design Luke Yamasaki Cover Design Erektor Korp Layout Assembled Packaged and [...]

  • Adios Mundo Cruel 7″ (H2L)
    Adios Mundo Cruel 7″ (H2L)
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    H2L008 – Adiós Mundo Cruel En Silencio B/w Estrella De La Mañana 7” Lathe Cut / Mastered at Str Mastering Center Label Design Luke Yamasaki Design Layout Assembled Packaged and […]

  • Mattxibarra – Absolute Misery
    Mattxibarra – Absolute Misery
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    It should come as no surprise that ‘deep listening,’ a practice attributed to the late Pauline Oliveros, gestated into a form of ‘music,’ often labelled ‘as ambient, ethereal, [...]