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The Wire – #464 October 2022

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On the cover… Lucrecia Dalt: The Colombian experimental musician and now sought after soundtrack composer explores heritage and diaspora through rhythmic rearrangements of South American music on new album ¡Ay!; Inside the issue… Anthony Moore: The former Slapp Happy and Henry Cow player has forged a unique career taking in stadium rock, experimental film, modern composition and his own solo works; Carl Stone: The electronic music and sampling pioneer gets music history dancing to a new tune through his radical reworkings of old school sounds; Epiphanies: Composer Sarah Angliss on trans performer and teacher Linda Grant; One-page interviews with avant clarinettist John McCowen, DIY folklorist Derek Piotr, and one man psych unit Dez Dare; also includes Global Ear, Unlimited Editions and Invisible Jukebox.


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