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Tetsuya Nakayama – Vestige

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enmossed is pleased to present 𝑬𝑡𝑴𝑺, a new cassette series curated by artist and perfumer Daisy Paradise, Florian T M Zeisig, and Glyn Maier. Releases consist of pairing an artist’s album with a plant of their choice and feature an interview – spoken or written – connected to the chosen plant. RJM Vanderheyden realized the series design beautifully with UV-etched, and color-matched cassettes and cases made from recycled materials, drawing upon a collection of rare botanical illustrations.

“I live in a message you left. The mountain’s silhouette is your face’s profile. The leaves wrestle under the wind just like your days did. This river a bloodstream retracing you over the ground that swallowed you whole. From the other shore, a red spider lily glistens with warning. It grows and glides along the pathway. Soon they are many: their petals are scissors of the air. At night you can hear the silver threads connecting voices in a web. I let myself fall and listen. I help the lilies spin the web: if it’s cloudy you stayed inside the mountain, if it’s clear you’re out and about. You communicate through every sound. The forest is your song.”
– Marta NΓΊΓ±ez Pouzols

Tetsuya Nakayama is a producer based in Chiba, Japan, creating sound with a focus on field recording and influenced by how to interpret environmental sound in every era.


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