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Meat Puppets – II

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the meat puppets’ second album, 1984’s appropriately titled meat puppets ii, has since gone down in the rock history books as an all-time classic, and rightfully so. the meat puppets were one of the first punk acts to inject different musical styles into their sound, something that was an absolute no-no at the time — especially the sparkling sounds of country. the trio resembles a more conventional band than on their white-noise self-titled debut; the songwriting had improved dramatically, and you could even clearly decipher the playing and singing this time around. as many ’90s alt-rock fans know, meat puppets ii reached a whole new generation of fans when nirvana covered the album’s three best tracks on their mtv unplugged special from 1994 — “plateau,” “lake of fire,” and “oh, me.” but this was an incredibly consistent recording from beginning to end; other highlights included the instrumentals “magic toy missing,” “aurora borealis,” and “i’m a mindless idiot,” the rockers “split myself in two” and “new gods,” plus such mellower fare as “lost,” “we’re here,” “climbing,” and “the whistling song.” an essential recording that sounds as fresh and inviting as the day it was released.



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