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Jon Mueller – The Future Is Unlimited, Always CD

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What our staff has to say: “Jon Mueller is a continually inspiring artist to me. Incredible packaging on this pro-CD on Virtues (Alex Kmet) that includes a short story by Jon.” – Alex

Jon Mueller’s ‘The Future is Unlimited, Always’ is an examination of time, meditation and loss as we all dissolve into nothing, regardless of what we believe we are experiencing. 

The Wisconsin-based percussionist’s usual bombast of repetitive rhythms and textures are replaced here with fluid, calm tones, overlaid with otherworldly wails. Yet throughout, a swelling sonic breath and pulse drives the piece forward into oblivion. Consisting of a single, long-form track accompanied by a piece of short fiction written by the artist on an attached 8-page insert housed in a hardcover book; the cover image puts listeners/readers directly inside of the work. Is this simply a record, or is it your existence?

Pro-CD in hardcover digibook, limited to 200 copies. Mastered by James Plotkin.


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