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French Police – French Police CS

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French Police – S/T
‘Post-Punk: (originally called new musick) A strangely elusive term from the 1970’s encompassing such a vast range of sonic tapestries it almost seems to lose its roots at times. French Police, hailing from Chicago properly and vividly carry this term back to its perhaps most modern and streamlined iteration. More Interpol than Joy Division, more Real Estate than The Cure, with songs like album opener ‘Danger Danger’, the tone is set for something both feeling classic and familiar, yet new and thriving in its own near melancholic joy and sonic exploration. We are now in an age of modern refinement, reestablishment and development of the classic structures of the past, still no doubt respecting their gorgeous, unforgettable melodies and trailblazing emotive and artistic qualities, all the while also looking to the new frontier. French Police are without a doubt one of the leaders of this refinement, and their essential debut sets perhaps the next standard for the next age of Post-Punk modernization yet to come.’
-Brandon Hill / Fantastique


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