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Frank Hall– I Remember You (Original Soundtrack)

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We are extremely proud to release the official soundtrack to the cult Icelandic horror film ‘I REMEMBER YOU’ (Is: “Ég man þig”). Heavy dark ambient / industrial / orchestral soundscapes composed by Frank Hall, with a beautiful, solemn, folkloristic finale featuring Icelandic choirs. A must for fans of Graeme Revell, Steven Price, Lustmord, MZ.412. Digipak.

The soundtrack was created at the old industrial area of Grandi in Reykjavík, at a studio due to be ‘gentrified’ and forcefully emptied of the artists. “I was alone in this large building in this deserted area, working late hours, making music for a horror movie. It was during winter… wind blowing, darkness. There were some tense moments…”.

“As soon as I read the script I heard low brass in my head and that kind of stuck. We used a lot of brass instruments, filtered and processed throughout. I also ended up using a lot of bowed guitar, sometimes doubling the brass, sometimes more like a sound effect”. Hall also used analogue synths on the special climactic track “Montage”.

On the finale, Hall reminisces: “Móðir mín í kví kví (My Mother In The Sheep Pen) is an old Icelandic folk song. The lyrics are based on Icelandic folklore about a woman who had a baby which she couldn’t afford to have and left it outside to die, wrapped in a rag. The infant then becomes what we Icelandic call “Útburður” – the ghost of a child who has been left out to die. Some time later the woman wants to go to a dance but has no pretty clothes to wear. She is in the sheep pen attending to the sheep when she hears this whispering outside: “My mother in the sheep pen, don’t you worry because I’ll lend you my rag, my rag to dance in”. It’s a rather ominous lyric and this song is sometimes sung for Icelandic babies as a lullaby… a little odd custom perhaps. I remember my mother singing this to me. This is one of my favourite Icelandic folk songs, and when I created the music for “I Remember You”, which is about a lost child that haunts people, I suggested to director Óskar Thór Axelsson that I should make an Icelandic choir version of it and use it as a theme / credit song. He loved the idea”.

‘I Remember You’ is based on the internationally acclaimed novel by Yrsa Sigurðardóttir, the “Queen of Icelandic Crime”.


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