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Torn Light Records
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Wood & Metal – Total Control

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“AAD is proud to release the first full length album by tumultuous un-plugged Harsh Noise unit WOOD&METAL, featuring Ted Byrnes & Charlie Mumma.

Byrnes is known for his solo efforts, as well as collaborations with The Rita, Lingua Ignota & William Hutson (clipping.).

Mumma is a member of Sissy Spacek (alongside John Wiese) as well as Unexamine.

On “TOTAL CONTROL” they give us over half an hour of physically controlled chaotic racket ala free-improvisation using only acoustic percussion and other clamorous objects. Their sound is raw, primitive, organic and turbulent…evoking pissed off free jazz if it were played on rusty instruments by cavemen, or a post-apocalyptic world where vagabond punks have to rely on creating sound with the absence of electricity.”


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