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Famous Mammals – Instant Pop Expressionism Now!

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If the names Amber Sermeno, Andy Jordan & Stanley Martinez sound familiar, it’s because they’re in practically every band that matters from the SF/Bay area, A short list reads; Non Plus Temps, Children Maybe Later, Naked Roommate & not the least of which is Famous Mammals. Following a self-released cassette, ‘Instant Pop Expressionism Now!’ is their 1st full length vinyl effort & man is it a doozy. On their debut tape the seeds were sown for what has blossomed on this LP as a fully pollinated orchard of hybridized post punk that seemingly harkens back to the halcyon days when Rough Trade called 202 Kensington Park Road home. “Instant Pop Expressionism Now!” is an ultramodern polyglot of smatterings that at once sound familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Swell Maps? Happy Refugees? Monochrome Set? Maybe. Kinda. It’s in the stitching, but the design & thrust is all Famous Mammals. And while we’re not prone to hubris, we are confident that ‘Instant Pop Expressionism Now!’ will be the hit lp of the summer everywhere from Sooty’s Disco Party to Gus’ Hotdog Hootenanny. If you know, you know, It’s not too late to hop on board. The more the merrier. RIYL releases on; Rather Records, Refill Records, Step-Forward Records, NB Records.


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