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Cuticles – Major Works

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Oamaru, located about 80 miles north of Dunedin on New Zealand’s south island, might seem like the last place you expect to find a prodigious racket like Cuticles, but ain’t that a kick? You just never know. Formed around the nucleus of Austen McMillian, Matthew Plunkett (ex-Trendees) & Lisa Preston (Nux Vomica, The Portage) a couple years back, they’ve been stacking up the hits and on Major Works, it’s time to cash in. There’s 18 tracks here and Cuticles chew through ’em with abandon. Someone just yelled out from the attic next door, “Sounds like the Pastels, with guns!” One could make a case for the South Island Sound coursing through their veins (they do live there after all), but the sheer abandon-pop that gushes off the grooves, it’s hard not to be reminded of those two, great, David Mitchell helmed Auckland outfits, The Exploding Budgies & Goblin Mix. They might all drink the same water, who knows? But it sure feels good to get brain-stung again by the salty rimes off the Otago Coast. Long may they howl.
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