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Conjunto Primitivo – Morir Y Renacer LP (Pre-Order)

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Please Note: This item is a PRE-ORDER – Expected to ship the week of August 12th, 2022

Label Description:

Morir Y Renacer’, the debut full-length from Chicago’s Conjunto Primitivo unfurls like a venomous, night-blooming flower. The duo adorns a foundation of barbed, mechanical rhythms with cascades of romantic synthesizers & vocals.

Throughout the record, we can hear echoes of reggaeton, stabs of industrial, essences of synth pop & cumbia— for Conjunto, influence & execution are equally crucial . The duo displays a great amount of care in constructing a cohesive & atmospheric front-to-back listen.

As equally familiar as it is alienatingly tense, ‘Morir Y Renacer’ is an electrifying glimpse into a Conjunto Primitivo’s hazy, delirious underworld.

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