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Bauhaus – Crackle: The Best Of Bauhaus

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A ‘best-of’ style selection of tracks from the classic, pioneering goth rock band, all remastered. “Crackle is the second of Bauhaus’ greatest-hits albums, following the import-only 1979-1983. The major difference between the two sets is that Crackle eliminates most of the cover versions that appeared on the earlier collection. The track listing draws from Bauhaus’ entire career-from the defining first single, ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’ all the way through ‘She’s In Parties’ and the title track of the band’s final album, Burning From The Inside. All tracks have been remastered. This is especially evident on the band’s earliest work. ‘Dark Entries’ and ‘Double Dare’ are afforded a cleaner sound, adding to their power. The lone cover included is a version of ‘Ziggy Stardust’ a David Bowie classic that clearly influenced the band. Though they will always be labeled as founding forefathers of the “Goth” rock movement, Bauhaus were never constrained by the label. ‘Terror Couple Kill Colonel’ features a gentle, swaying groove. ‘Silent Hedges’ is built on a foundation of acoustic guitar and a chunky, distorted bass line. ‘Spirit’ features dueling guitars and a harpsichord. The collection concludes with one of the band’s most emotive tracks, ‘Crowds’ a pretty piano-based song wherein tortured vocalist Peter Murphy wonders “What do you want of me?””


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