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  • Sylk – S/T
    Sylk – S/T
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    Sylk was a short-lived soul & funk band from the Aiken, South Carolina – Augusta, Georgia border area (better known as the CSRA) who released just one album in 1983. […]

  • Quinn  Harris – Statements
    Quinn Harris – Statements
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    Born in Texas but raised in Riverside, California, Quinn Harris first started playing music in 1954 when he saved up his paper route money for an alto sax. At a […]

  • JPQ – Quintessence
    JPQ – Quintessence
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    JPQ (Jimmy Person Quintet) was a short-lived soul & funk band from the Greensboro, North Carolina area who released just one album in 1983. Their only album (Quintessence) would become […]

  • Shock – Electrophonic Funk
    Shock – Electrophonic Funk
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    Roger Sause (Born in Portland, Oregon) is a musician, songwriter and producer with several gold and platinum recording credits to his name. He started playing the piano as soon he […]

  • Norman Feels – Where Or When
    Norman Feels – Where Or When
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    Little is known about Norman Feels…but we do know that he was an underground soul sensation in the 1970s. He released two classic albums on Just Sunshine Records (the label […]

  • Frank Derrick Total Experience – You Betcha!
    Frank Derrick Total Experience – You Betcha!
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    Drummer Frank Derrick III (born 1950) grew up in Harvey, Illinois in a musical family…his father Frank Derrick Jr. was a professional musician and arranger who played with notables such […]

  • Andre & Josi – Amandla
    Andre & Josi – Amandla
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    Having shown talent for playing guitar at a young age, Josi Ndlovu (Zimbabwe) started his first rock band “The Movers” (who were very popular within the local scene) in 1968. […]

  • Bubbha Thomas – Life & Times…
    Bubbha Thomas – Life & Times…
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    Houston’s reputation for developing first-class jazz acts is well-established, as a stream of young players has been distinguishing themselves for decades…among those musicians and mentors who [...]

  • King Hannibal (featuring Lee Moses)  – Truth
    King Hannibal (featuring Lee Moses) – Truth
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    James Shaw (aka The Mighty Hannibal aka King Hannibal) was an American R&B, soul and funk singer, songwriter and record producer known for his showmanship and outlandish costumes. Several of [...]

  • Bobby Story – The Storyteller
    Bobby Story – The Storyteller
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    Bobby Patterson’s (born 1944) life in music has had many facets. Whether as a DJ in Texas (he had a popular show at the Dallas-based radio station KKDA until 2012), a producer […]