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  • Wax Chattels – s/t
    Wax Chattels – s/t
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    The inception of Wax Chattels occurred rather rapidly. Several years after completing jazz school together, Peter Ruddell and Amanda Cheng reconnected at a Preoccupations show in 2016 at [...]

  • Mermaidens – Look Me In The Eye
    Mermaidens – Look Me In The Eye
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    Look Me In The Eye sees Mermaidens scale new territory, fearlessly pushing sonic boundaries and producing a body of work as severe and progressive as it is vibrant and exhilarating. […]

  • Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie – At Swim 2 Birds
    Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie – At Swim 2 Birds
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    Peter Jefferies (percussions, piano, tapes etc.) and Jono Lonie (guitar, violin, percussions etc) collaborated to make this album in 1987, originally released on Flying Nun. Noise ambience, [...]

  • The Bats – Foothills LP
    The Bats – Foothills LP
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    The Bats have officially announced their 10th full-length album, Foothills.Spanning the last 38 years, The Bats have clocked nine incredible albums; each one seeing the band evolve with new [...]