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  • Stephen O’Malley – Auflösung Der Zeit
    Stephen O’Malley – Auflösung Der Zeit
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    Produced within the context of ‘The Guidebook of Church Burners’ publication release, this performance was recorded at visual arts institution LE BAL in Paris, May 4th 2018. Published by Païen [...]

  • Mika Vainio – Last Live
    Mika Vainio – Last Live
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    2022 repressed; double LP version. “This edition was produced and finalized in a particular context, Mika Vainio having left us on 12.04.2017. This material is the last concert he has […]

  • Pita – Get On
    Pita – Get On
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    What our staff has to say: “Potentially and quite sadly the final full length masterpiece from the incredible sonic visionary behind Editions Mego etc. Mind bending modern electronics. [...]

  • Pita – Get In
    Pita – Get In
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    After the 2004 release of his last solo album, Get Off (HAPNA 019CD), Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg embarked on a series of soundtracks for the French artist and choreographer […]