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Torn Light Records
356 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Monday - Saturday
11:00AM - 8:00PM

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Showing all 6 results

  • LVCIFYRE – The Broken Seal
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Dark and suffocating death metal sorcery from the innermost bowels of the European underground. “The Broken Seal” is a unique fusion of musical worlds, concocted to plague the reality of […]

  • Ascended Dead/Atomicide – Split
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Worlds collide as US juggernauts Ascended Dead combine forces with the relentless Chilean attack of Atomicide to bring you this new eight-song split. Each band provides four recordings including [...]

  • Qrixkuor – Poison Palinopsia
    $23.00 | , Add to cart

    Following 2016’s enigmatic Three Devils Dance MLP, Poison Palinopsia is a sordid wound in reality’s distorted veil that spent five restless years aching for a blade to grant it life. […]

  • Craven Idol – Forked Tongues (color vinyl)
    $24.00 | , Add to cart

    Old school stalwarts CRAVEN IDOL celebrate their 15th anniversary with third opus Forked Tongues. Swearing by the gods of old, the North London veterans further hone their unique blend of […]

  • Grave Miasma – Abyss Of Wrathful Deities
    $26.00 | , Add to cart

    ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ is Grave Miasma’s fifth release, the latest in a 19-year sonic exploration of the transcendental essence and nature of death. Nine tracks of pounding, dark Death […]

  • Lie In Ruins – Floating In Timeless Streams
    $22.00 | , Add to cart

    Six years since Finland’s Lie in Ruin’s last full-length (2014’s Towards Divine Death), “Floating in Timeless Streams” sees a more streamlined approach from the [...]