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Torn Light Records
356 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Monday - Saturday
11:00AM - 8:00PM

11:00AM - 5:00PM

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Showing all 4 results

  • Dan Deacon – Spiderman Of The Rings
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    Dan Deacon has garnered a reputation in the underground as an intense performer and classic showman. The table top full of pedals, a sine wave generator, vocoder and casio blasting […]

  • Dan Deacon – Bromst
    $29.00 | , Add To Cart

    The art made by Baltimore artist Dan Deacon is about community and how to organize and inspire it. Bromst is the embodiment of that way of thinking. For the last […]

  • Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember
    $25.00 | , Add To Cart

    For a band that resists repeating itself, picking up lessons from a decade prior is the strange route Cloud Nothings took to create their most fully-realized album. Their new record, […]

  • Speedy Ortiz ‎– The Death Of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker .​.​.​Forever
    $29.00 | , Add To Cart

    It’s been ten years since Sadie Dupuis recorded the first Speedy Ortiz songs, a solo experiment that quickly became her full-time band. Since then, Speedy has produced an expansive and […]