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Torn Light Records
Chicago, IL 60647

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Showing all 3 results

  • Lethal – Lethal’s Hardcore Hit Parade
    Lethal – Lethal’s Hardcore Hit Parade
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    Crawling from beneath the streets of New York City is the brand new project from familiar faces, LETHAL. Bringing together UK influence with NYHC influence…reminding me of bands such as [...]

  • Ztuped – Are You Stupid?
    Ztuped – Are You Stupid?
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    ARE YOU STUPID? Get ready to find out! This DC group of young guns are taking the IQ lower than a limbo pole. Playing punk hardcore inspired by greats such […]

  • Zig Zag – It Gets Worse
    Zig Zag – It Gets Worse
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    After a well received demo, ZIG ZAG has been making waves at shows around America as well as their home ground of South Florida. Playing punk hardcore that is as […]