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Torn Light Archives 4: Reggae & Dub in the UK Press

For our fourth Torn Light Archives post, we continue our dive into the 70s and 80s British press with clippings about reggae and dub throughout publications such as NME, Sounds, and Record Mirror. Along with punk and indie, reggae, dub, and ska musicians had a significant presence in the British press during this time period as well.

This two-part series into the UK press can only scratch the surface of what can be found within the pages of these magazines. We still have more print ephemera to share, so keep following this blog for future looks into our archives!


Keith Hudson, NME, January 14, 1978

Merger, NME, January 14, 1978

Black Slate, NME, January 14, 1978

The Gladiators, Sounds, April 29, 1978

Jacob Miller, Sounds, April 29, 1978

I-Roy, Sounds, May 6, 1978

Back cover ad for reggae records, NME, May 20, 1978

Joseph Hill, Record Mirror, August 5, 1978

Clint Eastwood, NME, September 9, 1979

Alton Ellis, NME, September 9, 1979

Angus Gaye, NME, September 9, 1979

Lloyd Charmers, Sounds, February 23, 1980

Linval Thompson, Sounds, February 23, 1980

Bob Marley, Record Mirror, June 7, 1980

Dennis Brown, Sounds, February 28, 1981

Bunny Wailer, Sounds, February 28, 1981

Augustus Pablo, NME, September 26, 1987

-Hannah Blanchette

  January 9, 2022  |  Blog