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Tiny Vipers – Hands Across The Void

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What our staff has to say: “Achingly beautiful, sparse, acoustic singer-songwriter tracks with occasional noise moments, situated somewhere in the Cat Power, Adrianne Lenker, and even Joanna Newsom orbit. I hadn’t listened to this record before until recently and I probably won’t stop now.” – Hannah

“A lone, slow-drifting voice in the void whose glacially paced and galactically spacious folk songs almost make all that nothingness feel comfortably lulling.”
The Stranger Seattle⁠⁠

Tiny Viper’s full-length 2007 debut album ‘Hands Across the Void’ is available now on a limited edition vinyl LP for the very first time.

Being a solo acoustic female singer songwriter comes with its share of conspicuous baggage. And, Seattle’s Jesy Fortino, who records and performs as Tiny Vipers, has been spared little of it: she’s played coffee shops, on mismatched bills with by-the-book folkies, and fielded far too many questions that address her gender rather than her music. Fortunately for us (and, we can only imagine, even more so for her) these things all fall away when she plays. Inhabiting the space carved out by minimal guitar, gentle textures and stark, immediate vocals, Tiny Vipers’ music evokes the contrast and quiet, empty beauty of a grey northwest landscape. Jesy has spent two and a half years exploring these landscapes, locally releasing a few artfully-packaged CDRs and playing shows all over the Northwest, before she finally recorded her first full-length record ‘Hands Across the Void’ in Seattle at Red Room Studios in late fall of 2006. Enlisting the help of engineer Chris Commons and friend, musician, and Austin music-scene expat Ben Cissner, Jesy used this opportunity to explore new textures, instruments and harmonies. The result is a uniquely striking record that’s as fully realized as it is spare and beautiful.


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