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Tim Heidecker – What The Brokenhearted Do

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As far as we know, Tim Heidecker remains a happily married man with two delightful children. But we wouldn’t blame you if you hear his latest collection of songs, ‘What The Brokenhearted Do…,’ and worry for the fella. To be honest, we’ve checked in on him a couple times just to be sure. Recalling Neil Young, George Harrison, Harry Nilsson and Warren Zevon (sometimes all at once), these songs find a completely shattered man crawling through the sewage pipe of divorce. For the last three years, Heidecker has been waging a hellish war upon the current presidential administration and its shady minions. Heidecker has found himself in the crosshairs of the Online alt-right community. Instead of getting pissed off, our protagonist (antagonist?) Tim Heidecker got inspired. He knows full well that here in the music biz, nothing breeds good tunes like utter heartbreak.



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