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The Residents – Duck Stab / Buster & Glen

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“Compiling the legendary Duck Stab! EP with another side of similarly themed ditties, The Residents’ produced one of their best-loved works during the punk rock explosion of 1978 — the album has remained a cornerstone of their remarkable body of work ever since; and has recently been featured heavily on the band’s ‘Dog Stab!’ tour. This expanded edition includes the ‘Shitty Rock ‘N Roll’ RDX suite (a reworked and remixed suite produced by The Residents using the album’s original multitrack tapes) alongside related bonus tracks, all packaged within the album’s long out of print original sleeve artwork. Produced with The Cryptic Corporation, remastered by Scott Colburn and complete with insightful new sleevenotes, this set builds upon The Residents’ ongoing pREServed reissue project, which will continue into 2023 and beyond.”


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