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Torn Light Records
Chicago, IL 60647

The Concept Horse – Fills Vol. I-IV 2xCS

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The label’s inaugural release (!) is a four-part, double cassette collection of polyrhythmic vignettes from the concept horse: FILLS VOL. I-IV.

From the artist:

These sonic bits were all “performed” live – looped and layered in real time, constructing idiosyncratic rhythmic and timbral suites that emphasize spontaneity, while shifting tempo, texture and tone. All four volumes draw on a long-standing practice of record collecting, repeated listening and slow explorations of the uniqueness of physical pressings – ostensibly identical reproduced copies of the “same.” The physicality of the individual records plays as central a role as the music recorded on them – picking up, dropping the needle, lag between loop stops, skips, bumps, hiss and surface smudge all shift from being unwanted excess to being core units of composition.

What began then as an exercise in constraints, as an attempt to break out of habitual modes of music making and listening expanded into a four-part work that established its own creative, repetitive habituations. As such, an attempt to break free from one kind of repetition ended up creating another – albeit productively.

~ tape one – side a: volume i (‘32:28) // side b: volume ii (‘27:08)

~ tape two – side a: volume iii (21:59) // side b: volume iv (24:30)

chip-board packaging & insert hand stamped and typewritten

mastered by matt wellins

tapes dubbed by weston

released: april 5, 2021

thank you matt, michael, morgan, sarah, sophia, weston

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