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The Blue Iguana – Blu-Ray

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What our staff has to say: “A forgotten cult film of the 80’s, Blue Iguana has the same vibes as Wild at Heart or Repo Man, but has remained pretty obscure until now! A weirdo crime/comedy with a great cast, including Dylan McDermott, Dean Stockwell, Jessica Harper, and of course, FLEA. Soundtrack cuts by Kurtis Blow, the Fat Boys, Fela Kuti and L.A. Guns (!?).” – Justin

A hilarious spoof that’s part mystery, part thriller, and all fun! Dylan McDermott (Hamburger Hill) stars as Vince Holloway, a poor excuse for a bounty hunter with a problem—the people he tries to bring back alive keep winding up dead. And in the bounty biz, no pulse means no paycheck. So Vince accepts a high-risk offer from the I.R.S. to recover $20 million from a crooked bank in the sleepy little town of Diablo, Mexico. Once Vince hits Diablo, he discovers a notorious bar called The Blue Iguana. It’s loaded with thugs, killers, smugglers and evil women. Vince feels right at home. But he’d feel more like making a run for it if he knew what awaits him. Written and directed by John Lafia (Child’s Play 2) and co-starring Dean Stockwell (Married to the Mob), Jessica Harper (Suspiria), James Russo (Extremities), Pamela Gidley (Cherry 2000), Tovah Feldshuh (Terror Out of the Sky) and rock legend Flea (The Big Lebowski), The Blue Iguana is a colorful ’80s neo-noir that’ll have you in stitches!


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