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Surf II – Blu-Ray

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What our staff has to say: “One of the wildest comedies of all time and a real lost gem, finally on blu-ray, featuring an insane surf/new wave soundtrack, zombie punks, horny surfers, gross-out gags, evil soda tycoons and diabolical supervillian Eddie Deezen.” – Justin

Surfing is the only thing to do for high school students Chuck and Bob who are in preparation for the big surf competition. However, their fathers, sales reps for a new soda named Buzzz Cola, disapprove of surfing as a whole. Everything is going swell until the area’s surfing population start getting kidnapped by Menlo, a vengeful nerd turned mad scientist, with a particular vengeance aimed at surfers. Using Buzzz Cola, Menlo has begun turning surfers into brain dead zombies, with the aid of his assistant, Sparkle. Can Chuck and Bob thwart his evil master plan in time to save the surfing competition?

A completely wild and thoroughly unhinged comedy that manages to integrate slapstick humor, surreal sight gags, horror and sci-fi elements, T&A, as well as having possibly served as an influence to the most famous animated TV series in history, Randall Badat’s one of a kind and completely bonkers gem, SURF II (The End of a Trilogy) stars Eddie Deezen (GreaseWar Games), Lyle Waggoner (TV’s Wonder Woman), Linda Kerridge (Fade to Black), Terry Kiser (Tammy & the T-Rex), and Eric Stoltz (Back to the FuturePulp Fiction), in one of his earliest roles. Never released on disc, Vinegar Syndrome brings SURF II to Blu-ray, newly restored from long lost 35mm elements and presented both in its commonly seen theatrical version as well as in its unreleased and radically different original director’s cut.

Bonus Features:
1. Region Free 2-disc Blu-ray Set
2. Newly scanned & restored in 2k from 35mm archival prints
3. Includes the original director’s cut as well as the theatrical re-edit
4. “The Stupidest Movie Ever Made: Drinking the Drink of Surf II” – an extended making-of documentary featuring interviews with: Randall Badat (director), George Braunstein (producer), Scott Easton (assistant director), Peter Bernstein (composer), Carin Berger (costume designer) Fern Champion (casting director), along with actors Eddie Deezen, Peter Isacksen, Linda Kerridge, and Joshua Cadman
5. Commentary track with director Randall Badat (director’s cut)
6. Commentary track with director Randall Badat (theatrical cut)
7. Commentary track with actor Eddie Deezen (director’s cut)
8. Commentary track with Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly (theatrical cut)
9. Behind-the-scenes still gallery
10. Original sizzle reel video
11. Booklet featuring writings by Mike McPadden and Zack Carlson
12. Reversible cover artwork
13. English SDH subtitles


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