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The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman Surrealist Research – Nikolas Schreck

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Softcover reprint of this rare & much sought after close investigation into Manson.

“If the truth turns you on, don’t read The Manson File in public.”
Saul Adamczewski, co-founder Fat White Family & Insecure Men

“A major work in elegant prose that will captivate and challenge
anyone who thinks they know the story of Charles Manson.” – Dr Stephen
Harper, author of Madness, Power & The Media, University of Portsmouth

Based on thirty years of research, the story of notorious outlaw,
musician and folk devil Charles Manson is revealed to be one of the
most twisted and depraved cover-ups in American history. A landmark in
cultural reportage, Nikolas Schreck’s epic long-read shows with
meticulous detail how a confluence of Hollywood, the music industry,
organized crime and the judiciary colluded to conceal the real motives
for the 1969 “Helter Skelter” killing spree. Structured like a
proverbial helter skelter, this groundbreaking work cracks open the
official story to reveal the interconnected aspects of Charles Manson
as philosopher, musician, revolutionary and patsy. An essential
textbook for scholars and a mighty “true crime” book for the general
reader, The Manson File reveals a secret history of America in a
narrative as artful as a great novel.

400 Pages A4 Size

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