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Fumio Kosakai – The Warm Garden CD

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Nearly 30 years after its debut as a limited cassette, Skeleton Dust is honored to offer Fumio Kosakai’s 1993 full-length recording of cosmic travelings as a digipak CD reissue. Known predominantly for being a member of pioneer noise groups Incapacitants and C.C.C.C., Kosakai returned six years after the release of Earth Calling, the debut offering on his own Anciant Records, to continue exploring the deep and unknown trenches of space on The Warm Garden. Utilizing a simple equipment array of violin, Casiotone synthesizer, metal plate, and effects, Kosakai transcends limits of the sonic cosmos to find something that is both magnetizing and hypnotic. Liner notes by Toshiji Mikawa with translation by Kato David Hopkins. Edition of 300.


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