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Zyklon B Zombies – Skull LP (reissue LP, originally on Vanilla 1993)

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First ever vinyl reissue of this ultra-obscure Japanese post-punk noise unit’s sole cassette from 1993. I’ll leave the rest up to Mr. Tom Lax:
“Zyklon B Zombies ‘Skull’ has been floating around the sub underground for years. Originally released as a cassette on the Japanese tape label, Vanilla in 1993, ZBZ was the musical brainchild of sadly deceased noise legend Hirohito Taneguchi (Seed Mouth) & the equally legendary Junko Hiroshige (Hijokaidan, Genbakukaidan) & if you don’t know it, fear not. It’s now been formated & remastered to vinyl, courtesy of the Minimum Table Stacks label. Much like Michio Kadotani’s Rotting Telepathies recordings, ‘Skull’ possesses great tremors of blurred clamber that comes directly at you, sometimes sideways. It’s hard to know how much is premeditated or just what’s driven by organic impulse, which is what makes it such a great attestation of its era. In an instant, ‘Skull’ can move from a psychotic whoosh not unlike ‘Twin Infinitives’, to an eerie gait similar to that of Dadamah. Plus, there’s everything in between. A true blue-blood of disparate vision, ‘Skull’ ranks right up there in the masterpiece department with un’s S/T lp, New Zealand’s Ziggy Stardust Band & those two solo albums from Eric Hysteric. It’s not for everyone, but for those who embrace the underground’s one percent like a long lost tree, it’s the only way to fly.”—Tom Lax, Siltbreeze Records. Edition of 300 copies

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