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Yeong Die – Tomorrow? 12″ Lathe

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If nostalgia is unrequited love for the past, what kind of love do we harbor for the present? This lathe-cut LP of eight tracks by Yeong Die explores the ever-unfolding prism of the now. An eclectic series of productions difficult to pin down—ambient trap? Underwater disco? Appalachian boom bap?— Yeong Die values artistic agency over cultural inheritance, action over contemplation.

In the artist’s words, “Today and tomorrow are accidental and as distant as eternity. I want to remind all of us it’s now or never.”

The grooves and palettes of 𝑇𝑜𝑚𝑜𝑟𝑟𝑜𝑤? are not free of reference, but the references seem to come from an alternate universe. With a sense of humor, the Seoul-based Yeong Die goes places others shy away from. Integrating her work as a sound and visual artist, these electronic pieces contain a rhythmic functionalism, but are highly imagistic and heartfelt. Industrial and digital currents wade into each other, and traditional instruments occasionally rise to the surface, resulting in an open question about what tomorrow may bring, and what yesterday may mean.

Yeong Die is…
DJ. Musician. Sound Artist. Visualist. She makes something funny and bittersweet, scary but something you want to see to the end. She has released albums <Pizzapi>(2018), <Threshold Value>(2020), and <Parallel Cosmo>(2021), and since 2019 she has been experimenting with the way she listens to music, a series of 《だいだい dai-dai》 Series. In addition, she participated as a musician and promoter in the web content 《Quarantine études》(2020) and the planned performance 《centers》(2020).

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