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XV – Fresh Lettuce

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What our staff has to say: “Honestly, perhaps the best Michigan band at it right now, released on easily one of Michigan’s best imprints, ALL GONE TAPES. Live set of totally broken no-wave nothingness. Near free improv rock that feels almost industrial. For fans of The Dead C, DNA, Mars etc. and being psychedelically deranged.” – Brandon

XV is a Detroit-Ann Arbor based 3 peace outfit, comprised of busy local jammers you might recognize from the likes of The New Me/Tyvek/Shells etc etc. This is a live cassette recorded at U.F.O Factory & Trino in Detroit MI. XV have quickly gathered a nice following with an impressive 12′ release. On this cassette we get two killer live performances, XV caught in the rawest sense, melodies weaving in & out of broken angular bass & guitar runs with Emily Roll’s ramshackle drums leading the direction with off the cuff lyrics bouncing around in a music box style, makes me think of early Ann Arbor era Half Japanese, Mars, Victory Garden era Red Krayola & The Raincoats on a bottle of Robitussin DM.

Edition of 50
D.I.Y All Gone style you know how we Bum.



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