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Why Bother? – Lacerated Nights (black vinyl)

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Talk about a band…WHY BOTHER? are not only doing it themselves, but doing it for themselves. With zero interest in performing live or promoting their music online – the Mason City, Iowa four piece have been back in the basement writing and recording highly original punk music faster than it can be pressed to vinyl in this day and age. Their earliest material was collected on ‘A Year of Mutations’ and issued on LP by Feel It in 2021 – since then, the band has been building towards their first full length, and hot damn does it deliver! Speck’s guitar sound is cut straight from the ultra-trebly Killed By Death sound as Terry’s vocals and ’73 Univox 100 synth cut over top of the wildly dexterous rhythm section of Pamela and Paul. It’s a sound both classic and futuristic from a group of Midwestern weirdos living outside the tech bubble, spinning their own web of sound straight from 8-track tape. So if you need a dose of true original punk rock in 2022 and beyond, WHY BOTHER? can give you that fix.


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