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Velvet Underground – Boston Tea Party 7/11/1969

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What our staff has to say: “In preparation for the new Todd Haynes VU documentary (out today, duh) why not jam a 2xLP boot of one of the greatest bands of all time.  Here we have a nice recording of VU’s July 11th, 1969 gig at The Boston Tea Party, fresh off the release of their quintessential ‘3rd’ LP.  Outside of classics ‘Waiting For the Man’, ‘Run Run Run’, ‘Sister Ray’ and ‘White Light White Heat’ the band fills their setlist with numerous songs from said record, bringing some of the classic ‘slow jams’ that make the record so great, ‘Candy Says’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ and ‘I’m Set Free’, as well as the rocker ‘I’m Beginning To See the Light.’  If that’s not enough, ‘Sister Ray’ segues right into the best/worst (depending on who you ask) VU song ‘Murder Mystery.’  No Cale, but you still can’t go wrong with live VU!  Pick it up!” – Jon

The Boston Tea Party set from July 1969 on double vinyl. Excellent quality recording for all Velvets fans.


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