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Limited Edition 12" Ep now available from one of our in house labels 4Q-HQ

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Various Artists – Intimate Ghosting CS

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Intimate Ghosting“, a compilation album featuring nine musicians from Japan and South Korea, is being newly introduced to the roster of the Netherlands/US-based record label Psychic Liberation. Under the curation of novelist and musician Jiyoung Wi, the album contains the works of Arexibo (KR), Arles (KR), bela (KR), Jiyoung Wi (KR), Joyul (KR), Kazumichi Komatsu (JP), Kenji (JP), Ultrafog (JP), and Yeong Die (KR). ‘Intimate Ghosting’ is a lucid invitation to the effervescent sonic field progressing throughout the experimental, left-field, ambient music communities of said regions. The album artwork is from Moon Bae, an artist working in the US and South Korea.

Curation : Jiyoung Wi
Mastered : Elizabeth Davis
Design : Moon Bae

Distributed in the United States by Fantastique LLC